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Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller

  • Jan 29, 2010

.I was thinking, because of the success of the Valco Latitude on my last trip to court, I would take it's Doppleganger to court this next time. And the success of the new Baby Jogger City Mini has been nothing short of amazing.  People love the Mini's light weight, huge canopy, and amazingly easy fold. The wheels are by no means all-terrain, but they do perform better outdoors than your average umbrella stroller. I like it's versatility. Because of the deep recline, you can put a very young baby in it. And since the seat is quite large, it can hold a pre-schooler. I have tried it out with both sizes. And you can still push it one-handed with a heavier child.As you can see, the under basket is pretty small. But there is another large net pocket on the back. To recline it, you just squeeze that clip that's holding the strap, and slide the seat down.Now a very cool feature is that when it is in full recline, you can unroll the back fabric, to reveal "voila"! the large net back vent. Great feature for air circulation on a hot day. You can see from both the back and the front how deep the recline goes. Now here is why I am going to court again. I was taking the original Stroller Prince to his first day of Chess. He was so excited! It was early in the morning and the street was deserted. I saw my neighbor walking from the front of the school. He told me to drive around to the back, because it would be closer to the class. Big mistake.  I drove up to the stop sign. On one side, there is an apartment building. On the other, the street was closed due to construction, and there was a big sign that said "Closed to through traffic." I glanced over at all the pavers and bull-dozers. And the next thing I know, a motorcycle cop sprang from behind the apartment building. I was happy I hadn't done anything wrong. Or had I? He was red lighting me! I pull over, and he asks for my license. "I'm sorry. " I tell him. "I was rushing to get my daughter to school, and to take my son to his chess class. I had their backpacks and I was carrying the baby and I had no hands left for my purse. It has my license and insurance card in it. I'll just run home and get it." "Step out of the car please", he says sternly. "The law says every time you go out on the highway, you have to have your license." "But", I say, "I'm not on the highway. I am just on a little old neighborhood street. I'm two blocks away from home!" Now he starts running a background check on me. "Mom, I'm gonna' be late! I'm gonna' be embarrassed!" SP yells. "Could I please just bring him to class?" I ask. "You could follow me." "You're not going anywhere, but he can go", motorcycle cop says. "You mean let him walk four blocks by himself? Do you think that's safe? " "I don't care" motorcycle cop says. OK, now I am getting mad. My son is crying, my baby is crying, and I am being held against my will. "Well, you SHOULD care!" I tell him. You took an oath to 'protect and serve.' You are neither protecting me, nor serving me. No wonder there are so many burglaries in my neighborhood. You are too busy hiding behind buildings and trapping school parents, because that is easy! Easy and lucrative. We don't shoot you, and we pay our fines." Now he is getting mad, too. "You know I could arrest you", he says. "What for, for telling the truth"? I say. "You have an illegal sticker on your car. Take it off", he says. Now, the sticker he is pointing to is mandatory for my area. It allows you to park on the street.  I try and explain that. "Nope, never seen it. Take it off", he says. "You REALLY aren't from around these parts, are you son?" I said. "AGH"! He waves his hand at me, jumps on his bike and takes off. But not before issuing me a bunch of tickets, including failure to come to a complete stop, no proof of license, no insurance, etc. As he leaves, he drives down the street that says "No vehicles allowed."  I drop my son off at his class, go home and grab my purse, and come back. There he is, hiding behind the apartment building, waiting to trap another suburban mom." "Hi there", I said. He jumped. "Here's my license and registration and proof of insurance", I say, handing it to him. "I don't want that. It's too late" he says. "You know", I say. "This is all so uneccessary. There is no through traffic here! If I really didn't stop long enough, as you say, you could have issued me a warning.  You could have shown a little compassion fo a mom juggling three kids, trying to get them all fed and dressed and off to school on time. We are all just human, doing the best we can. I'm sure that you didn't mean to go down that street that is closed to through vehicles." 'WHAT?!!!" He says. "Are you accusing ME of breaking the law?" "I didn't say that", I said. "I'm just saying we all make mistakes." "AHHH", he says, waving his hand at me again, and driving off. So once again,  I have to post another thousand dollar bail.

**Note*** Basket is much bigger on the 2010 models

Baby Jogger Mini Stats:

Weight: 16.5  pounds

Folded: 24" x 29" x 8"

Width: 24"

Length: 34"

Handle height: 41"

Seat Width: 13.5"

Seat Depth: 9"

Seat to Canopy: 23.5"

Seat back: 21.5"

Drop to Footrest: 9"

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January 31, 2010
By the way, it looks like may have updated their URL for the City Mini Stroller. Here's an updated link:
January 31, 2010
Great review! You have quite an adventure story intermixed with the stroller review. I also have the City Mini and your review is spot on. Everyone is always amazed by how light it is and how easy it is to fold (one handed, mind you). I may just have to spring for some sort of cupholder attachment.
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review by . March 09, 2010
posted in Strollerland
How easy is the fold? How compact?   Very easy to fold down with one hand.  Fits flat in the back of my minivan.      Is this good for tall children? Tall parents?   My husband is average height (5'10") and pushes the stroller easily.  It fits large children, my 3 year old son has room to grow in it.      Is the recline deep enough for newborns?   No, this stroller is not intended for newborns as it does not recline …
review by . March 10, 2010
posted in Strollerland
I bought the city mini thinking it was THE BEST THING in the world.       In hind sight, i should have done my research better because I do not like it.      The underneath basket is difficult to get to, and there is no where o hang a diaper bag. The stroller comes with a warning not to hang anything off the handle.... this is true as it WILL tip. I had it tip on me a few times. The other issue is because of the 3 wheel feature, and how high …
review by . March 12, 2010
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Baby Jogger City Mini
I purchased my City Mini in 2008 and have loved it from day one. At the time we were spending alot of time outdoors and my Maclaren Techno Classic wasn't cutting it the lack of ventilation alone was frustrating as I live in the deep south and my daughter would always be drenched in sweat with the canopy fully extended even while indoors. I started looking into 3wheel/jogger style strollers I really wasn't willing to give up the lightness of my mac but I new I needed something else. The …
review by . March 09, 2010
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For example: How easy is the fold? How compact?   Fold is EXTREMELY EASY, compact and flat but can be wide-     Or: Is this good for tall children? Tall parents?      My son is a shorty, but it seems to have a generous seat- and while the handle is not adjustable it is tall so tall parents shoudl be ok-     Or: is the recline deep enough for newborns?      I don't know that the seat is suitable for a newborn since …
Quick Tip by . August 12, 2010
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This stroller has been running like a champ for us ever since we got it. It's so light, it's easy to use everyday.
Quick Tip by . March 28, 2010
best stroller ever!!! i've had bugaboos, bobs, bjced, macs, pegs etc and this one is the BEST!
Quick Tip by . March 21, 2010
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Just got this guy for our first baby girl Zoƫ! Super excited to use it!
Quick Tip by . March 09, 2010
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I love it. its perfect for in and out of the car or traveling with the city bus. fold is amazing, push is good, 2010 had nice basket.
Quick Tip by . March 09, 2010
posted in Strollerland
Great stroller, one hand fold, huge canopy, easy push! Have pushed a 5 year old with no problems
review by . January 30, 2009
I started using the Baby Jogger's Citi mini jogging stroller (though they don't recommend you use it for jogging) and I love it. It is lightweight (16 lbs) and folds up with one pull which gives it a sexy quality for the mom who is not looking to lift weights every time she wants to take the stroller out of the car. I also like that it comes in orange or red and not just blue or pink.  
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The City Mini Single Stroller was designed to be one of the most light weight, easiest folding swivel wheeled strollers on the market. Customizable from birth and beyond, the City Mini is the ideal lightweight travel stroller that maintains all the safety standards and style you'd expect from Baby Jogger. Perfect for everyday use around town, the City Mini promises a comfortable and smooth ride for your child.
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